The Gorilla Silverback is a revolution in aluminium multi-purpose ladder.
It's design is so advanced that it is actually an all purpose ladder which performs the tasks of 6 different ladders.
The secret to the Silverback's amazing versatility is the revolutionary combination of the locking hinge and the extendable legs.
The locking hinge allows the ladder to be closed (for storage), open in the A-frame position and open to 180o to use as a step ladder and extension ladder.
The extendable legs allow the height and length of the ladder to be adjusted in 300mm increments.
A robust step ladder which you can climb with confidence.
Double sided ladder with which you can work from either side.
For where you need sturdy support on irregular heights (like stairs).
So versatile this ladder easily converts to a trestle system without the need for an additional static hinge accessory.
Gorilla Silverback Platform
Locking Hinge
Allows the Gorilla Silverback to form the 3 basic shapes: Closed, A-Frame and Extension.
The locking hinge is designed to snap into each locked position as you move the Gorilla Silverback from one shape to another.
Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction
Exceeds NZ Standards, giving you confidence in it's sturdiness.
Anti-slip Tread
Heavy duty grooved aluminium stiles to prevent slipping.
Extendable Legs
Allows the Gorilla Silverback to grow in size.